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>>>> EDIBO 2nd Bootcamp & 3rd Bootcamp launched online in May 2020

The Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovations (IMII) started two parallel online trainings on computer literacy and digital skills

Due to COVID-19 complicated situation in the last few months and the impossibility to conduct on-the-spot trainings, the 2nd EDIBO Bootcamp and the 3rd EDIBO Bootcamp started online on May 25th, 2020. A total of 50 unemployed and low-skilled young people (NEETs) up to 29 years of age from all over the country got involved in the 200-hour intensive online course in computer literacy and digital skills.

The training includes modules are focusing on basic computer skills (OS Windows), Chrome, FireFox and Opera browsers, install and cover programs, software for every business and entrepreneurial skills for business in the Internet environment (how to sell on the Internet, what is an online store, advertising on Facebook / Instagram, creating content for an advertising campaign). The current two online Bootcamps are aimed at young people with more advanced IT skills, as there is also a specialized training module: Adobe Lightroom CC. At the end of the courses a Certificate of Participation with the best skills will be issued!

The training course is organized under the project "European Digital Bootcamps (EDIBO)", benefits from a € 1,4 million grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. EDIBO addresses the dramatic problem of youth unemployment and seeks to promote the training and employment of young people up to the age of 29, and to respond to strong demand for information and communication technology staff. For these young people, partner organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Lithuania and Latvia will organize 6 training courses in their country. After the training phase, the young people will have an opportunity for an internship offered by project sponsors.
The Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovation (IYII), as a national partner, will organize a total of 6 training courses by the end of September 2021.
At the end of the course a Certificate of Participation with the acquired skills will be issued!
More information about the curriculum for the courses, how to apply and the necessary documents can be sent on the website of IMII ( or directly contact the project team at
Good luck to all NEETs!!!

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