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>>>>> “Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovations” took part in the Open Conference of the project "Transnational Cooperation in the BÉKÉS County"

The Kick-off meeting, accompanied by an Open conference, took place on 16st of January, 2018 in the cultural center "Csabagyöngye" in the town of Beckeshbaba, Hungary. Host of the event was the leading organization of the project  - Association "Balance AA" - a non-governmental, non-profit organization which helps people who have alcohol and other addictions and those who have mental health problems. The organization also supports young talents (and their families as well) who have social difficulties.

Project “Transnational Cooperation in BÉKÉS County” was officially presented during the international conference in the presence of local authorities from the Békés district, youths and foreign experts from partner organizations.

The “Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovations” is the national partner for Bulgaria and will cooperate with the "Association for developing voluntary work Novo Mesto" - Novo Metso (Slovenia), "Udruga za promicanje aktivnog građanstva - ECHO", Zagreb (Croatia) and "Local democracy agency Mostar" - Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Henriett Lócskai, Executive Director of the Balance AA Association, stressed that it is important for foreign associations to show their work in their homeland. "We thought it would be very useful for our further work to find foreign non-governmental organizations in similar situations dealing with what we are doing. It is a great way for transnational cooperation between the countries involved in the project to acquire new knowledge, opportunities for cooperation and experience in youth exchange programs, "said Henriett Lócskai.

"The project focuses mainly on youth volunteering, employment and migration among European countries and mobility at the forefront," said Herczeg Tamás – Békéscsaba City with County Rights councilor. The councilor added that the city would like to express its desire to open up its cooperation with the peoples of Europe.



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